What is Speakers' Corner?

Speakers’ corner is dedicated to the valorization of the best theses, researches, field projects related to the themes of digitalization and/or technological innovation realized by bachelor, master and PhD candidates of USI, SUPSI and FU.

Technological innovation and digitalization are at the heart of society and our daily lives. For this reason, studies and research carried out in these areas are becoming increasingly valuable as opportunities for in-depth study and discovery, both for companies and institutions and for citizens.

Speakers’ Corner provides a free mentoring path with professionals in the field of communication for the creation of multimedia content of theses, researches and field projects that have dealt with issues close to the world of digitization and technological innovation.

Speakers’corner is a unique opportunity to:

  • Acquire public speaking and web communication skills
  • Receive personalized feedback and advice
  • Network with other students and industry professionals
  • Experience the behind-the-scenes environment of a professional recording studio
  • Enrich your CV/portfolio with quality multimedia content
  • Receive visibility for your work at both the local and federal level

Project promoters: