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Digitization of the Ticino Valleys, when tradition and innovation can finally meet

Student : Astrid Herrera
Date : 10/12/2021

A software to help small and medium enterprises in their digitization process

Project description

When we think of Ticino, our mind might take us to its bigger cities. But the reality is that almost 60% of the territory is located in mountain areas, surrounded by wonderful landscapes.

This is where the idea for my business starts: in the valleys of Ticino. In fact, these places should not be seen as an uninhabited area, but as bearers of innovation. Here, in fact, it is possible to meet companies belonging to the hospitality sector, which are very important for the economy of the country, as well as it is possible to meet companies producing consumer goods, such as wines and cheeses.

In these scenarios, a disruptive change occurred, which actually touched all of us a bit: the COVID-19 pandemic, which changed the perception of these entrepreneurs, who from believing that digitalization was not for them, started thinking that maybe it could help them grow their business.

This is what emerged through a study conducted personally on these entrepreneurs, which highlighted another need, namely that of a mediating figure who could introduce these small entrepreneurs into the digitization process, again in a short time frame and with limited resources.

This is because digitization should not be seen as a train that once missed is no longer possible to catch, but it should be seen as a set of many trains that you can catch at different times and in different places.

This is what I studied and what laid the basis for the idea of my business: a software that could take a snapshot of the state of the art of small and medium enterprises and at the same time create the necessary digitization process, always in a short time and with minimum resources.

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