Tags: moda, personalizzazione, strategia digitale, tecnologia digitale

Personalisation in digital fashion communication

Student : Tekila Harley Nobile
Date : 10/11/2021

Addressing the challenge of developing personalized communication

Project description

Have you ever purchased something online?
How much time have you spent searching for the perfect outfit and felt overwhelmed by the amount of choice and information available?
The research we conduct at the Institute of Digital Technologies for Communication aims to address the challenge of developing personalized communication so that it provides added value to both the retailers and consumers through positive customer experiences.

Time and attention are extremely scarce hence for retailers it is an opportunity to reach its customers and for the customers it is an opportunity to receive information that they are actually interested in.

Personalization is nothing new, yet technological advances are enabling to develop cutting-edge solutions so that we can get to know each individual: his preferences, his needs, his desires and his habits.

However, personalization entails some challenges such as that of privacy.
How much of our personal information are we willing to provide to retailers so that they can get to know us?
So, the challenge is of reaching the right level of personalization so that it’s perceived as relevant by individuals and not creepy or intrusive.

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