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Digital Triplets

Studente : Alexandra Sidorova, Asmen Pablo Koc, Shiny Yadav, Andrea Juric, Felicitas Thieme
Data : 10/11/2021

Your outfit for your online meetings

Descrizione del progetto

Imagine you can change up your outfit for your online meetings, without actually changing, and saving resources at the same time. Sounds interesting, right?
During the pandemic, we became more aware of how our over consumption and sustainability issues. But even though we weren’t going to the office, we still felt the pressure to look good and smart.

So people started using digital filters. These usually look unrealistic and according to a Swiss study it reduces professionalism during online meetings.

To solve these issues and bring something fresh to videoconferencing, we proposed “Digital Triplets”: a possible collaboration between Microsoft Teams and luxury fashion brands that can be useful for both professionals and fashion lovers.

You buy one physical fashion item from a luxury brand, and you get three digital versions of it which you can choose from the collection. Scan the QR code, get your clothes and change colors and patterns for your online meeting. The digital version fits you perfectly, thanks to our technology, and no one will notice it is not real.

Now, 145 millions of users of Microsoft Teams can benefit from our solution.
More than 52% of people in the fashion industry are interested in buying digital fashion items.

We’d like to work with luxury brands because they lack digital maturity and our product can activate the new revenue stream.
Now we are looking for like-minded investors and IT professionals, so if you see the potential as we do, please get in touch with us!

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