Tags: comunicazione, digitalizzazione, localizzazione, strategia digitale

Localisation and intercultural aspects in digital fashion communication

Studente : Alice Noris
Data : 10/11/2021

How to better balance the standardization and localization dilemma?

Descrizione del progetto

Have you ever given up buying a piece of clothing or an accessory on a eCommerce because of their web page was not on in your language or because you could not buy the piece in Swiss Francs?
Or because the size was not corresponding to the format of the standard of your country?
With my Ph.D. project at USI at the Institute of Digital Technologies for Communication we are trying to answer to these questions.
By localisation we mean the process of cultural adaptation of a product or a service both in technical terms which means the adaption of language, currency, seasonality, size, etcetera…
but also in cultural terms such as the choice of a certain color which might be considered offensive by a certain audience or the choice of certain communicative symbols such as national or religious symbols which might be considered sensitive for certain communities or cultures to market a product or to launch an advertising campaign.
When we imagine the digital world in particular eCommerce and Social Media we imagine it as having no barriers since with a very simply click a product or a service made in the USA or in China can reach our houses in less than 24 hours.
If this is true from a temporal and spatial view point this is not always true when we dial with culture and languages.
In this sense my PhD project aims to provide food for thought to fashion companies in order to help them to better balance the standardization and localization dilemma and to help them avoid reputational damages and also big economic losses.

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