• Bachelor and master university students who have carried out a study (thesis, report, analysis, etc.) in the last 3 years related to digitalization and/or technological innovation.
  • Community of the three universities (FUS, SUPSI, USI) and other institutes/research centers present in Ticino.
  • Yes, the workshops will be available with an English translation.
  • It is possible to record your own video in English.
  • The videos will be published on the YouTube channel of Lugano Living Lab. Each video will contain the name and surname of the author as well as the title of the contribution.
  • The videos will be enhanced through embed in the schedule of Digital Days of Lugano and federal within the platform giornatadigitale.swiss. The videos can be shared on the social networks of L*3 and the universities involved in order to disseminate the content and the Speakers’ Corner project.

If requested by the author of the video, video contributions can be removed from the Lugano Living Lab Youtube channel at any time by writing to info@luganolivinglab.ch. The L*3 team will provide the removal after direct verification with the author.

Yes, you can submit additions via descriptive text.

No, the project is totally free.

Participation as a team/work group is allowed: the same conditions apply for the creation of videos for individual students.

Yes, the project is designed to last, and a call for applications will be issued annually.